Wake Up To Level Up LIVE

Wake Up To Level Up


If you are like most of us, you have recently started or are growing your beauty business. And, like 90% of us, you envision a life where you no longer have to struggle to get a consistent flow of clients who are eager to book with you. Maybe you’d like more security, stability and certainty within your business so you can create time and space to fully enjoy ALL the things that this beautiful life has to offer.


At this moment, you might feel alone in this crazy thing called entrepreneurship and you probably even have some doubts and fears about whether or not this journey is for you.

Well, girl… I’m here to shed the light on the expansive possibilities of what can be in store for you should you choose to take action to immerse yourself in this transformative, educational and inspiring event created for beauty business babes JUST LIKE YOU.

I hope you are SUPER excited and READY to take action to be able to create some serious MAGIC (and moo-lah!) with us!


  • Tangible exercises and educational work to help you market your business like a TRUE boss so you can attract and create RAVING fans!
  • Learn how to scale to 6 and 7 figures from wildly successful beauty business babes who have the systems down, the organization in place + who are willing to share their top secret swith you!
  • Connect and find your soul sister tribe; this is a HUGE event with like-minded women from all around the world who are looking to level up WITH YOU. You will meet women you will connect with during the weekend AND for years to come!
  • Get LIT UP with incredible powerful, inspirational chats with women who have learned how to cultivate an incredible amount of power, strength and confidence so you can bring that new, high vibe energy back home with you!

This event is for the seriously ambitious woman who is ready to take her business to new heights by creating an unshakable confidence and high level marketing and business strategies that are meant to be implemeneted IMMEDIATELY. If you are ready for a transformational experience that will change your LIFE and YOUR BUSINESS, this event is for you.


It might seem that there’s still ample time to book your ticket. But our 2019 event was sold out by May. Don’t wait until it’s too late, book your tickets today.

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